At Waterproofing Solutions™, we have been waterproofing basement foundations since 1974. We know what works, and we can provide you with the most suitable solution to your basement’s water control problems. If the best solution is to waterproof your basement from the outside, we will use a mini excavator or hand dig if necessary.

Our system utilizes both air gap drainage membranes and structural waterproofing membranes for a permanent waterproofing solution that will last the life of the home.


The air-gap drainage membrane, which is created by the impermeable dimpled sheet, guarantees a safe separation between the foundation wall and any ground moisture. Thus the membrane keeps water from ever touching the wall on its way through the soil to the footing drainage system. If water were to cross the sheet anywhere, the air-gap would allow it to drain without building up any hydrostatic pressure.

At Waterproofing Solutions™, we recommend to install a structural waterproofing membrane which will effectively seal your foundation walls permanently for the life of your home. Self-adhered “SBS” (rubber) waterproofing membrane low temperature formulation to (-14°C) factory controlled thickness and has self-healing properties that make it last under tougher conditions. Originally designed for commercial construction, SBS waterproofing membrane is the best waterproofing available.

A dry basement is the perfect basis for a healthy and comfortable building. The DELTA® line of external foundation wall protection products will provide you with the right solution for your application.

Hydraway System Advantages

Will not support fungus growth.
An engineered alternative to conventional pipe and rock
“Drain Tile”.
Water may enter from all sides, resulting in increased drainage
rates as compared to a conventional 4″perforated pipe.
Over 70% open space to allow for water in-flow.
No rock may be necessary. Backfilled with approved material.
Fusion bonding keeps the fabric firmly attached in high heat and
Heavy-duty construction allows for installation in depths in excess
of 50′.
Polypropylene filter fabric provides a superior, clog-resistant,
filtering system.