The Saber Sump Pit is a revolutionary solution to your Drainage problems.

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The Saber Sump Pump Pit and Saber Tank Extension are molded from high quality, impact resistant polyethylene. This tough, seamless, corrosion proof construction together with the system’s innovative patented design and proven capabilities has set the standard for the future in drainage.

The Saber Sump Pump Pit will not fail under soil shifting or ground heaving conditions.
The Saber Sump Pit reduces soil moisture content because it is a subsurface drainage
Dimensions: 18 inches across the top, 24 inches wide at the bottom (patented bell
shape) and 24 inches tall.
The Saber Sump Pit is like no other drainage system available today. It is efficient,
affordable and guaranteed for life.

Why Your Project Should Include the Saber Sump Pit

Unmatched versatility lets you tailor the system to meet your needs. Whether it is for radon or drainage.
Tested and proven in thousands of commercial and residential projects.
A guaranteed reduction in repair cost or warranty claims.
Built-in pump protection without the need of unstable makeshift supports.
Economical, easy to install, cutting-edge technology.
Ideally suited for retrofit, flood protection and sewer back-up purposes.
Restores essential drainage where conventional systems may have failed or do not exist.
Recommended and used by engineers and industry professionals.
Pre-emptive year round defense against poor drainage and expansive soils.
Out performs all other existing sump pits, basins and crocks.

Saber Pump Platform

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The built-in pump platform provides a stable base to protect the pump. The elevated outer wall localizes sediment accumulations and prevents debris from entering the pump intake.

Saber Recessed Lid

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The childproof recessed lid is bolted to the sump pit or tank extension. This lid provides a clean, flush-mounted finish with neoprene gaskets to properly seal the unit.